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Accident what now? PDF Drucken E-Mail

If you are involved in an accident, you should note the following points:


  • if possible fill in a pre-printed accident report (print accident report) and note down:
  • the license plate number of the person caused the accident and all vehicles involved into the accident
  • Name, address and insurance of the accident opponent or accident opponents and if different also the registered keeper, furthermore all involved persons in the accident as well as possible eyewitnesses (let you show the identification card/s and the registration document/s)
  • Make a sketch of the place of accident and the course of the accident
  • Let the sketch and the accident report sign by the accident opponent
  • Name and office of the recording police officer (always call the police if the situation is unclear); when driving by rented car or company car as well as bodily injuries the police are definitely to call in.
  • Don’t accept/pay any fines and penalties at the place of accident if you are uncertain with regard to question of guilt (paid or accepted fines and penalties are often seen as an admission of guilt)


  • If possible take pictures of the place of accident and the vehicles in the position after the collision. Pay attention to skid marks, glass or splinters of lights as well as escape of liquids etc. Pictures can be taken e.g. by mobile phone or disposable camera held in readiness in the vehicle.


  • A neutrally recognized expert of your confidence (in general you have the right of free choice of expert in case of a non-caused accident) to assess the damage in order to preserve evidence. Then this expert will determine the amount of damage, the value of vehicle, the decrease in value, the time to repair, the residual value or possibly existing risks of repair and much more and will disclose the resulting possibilities from a technical point of view. Furthermore the damage expertise can serve as a documentation of the accidental damage of the repaired vehicle in case of a subsequent sale. Arising expert’s fees will be borne by the opposite insurance of course, and by means of a declaration of assignment (print declaration of assignment) signed by you will be settled directly from there. Unless it is a minor damage easily recognizable for a layman.
  • A garage of your confidence (in general you have the right of free choice of garage in case of a non-caused accident). Arising cost of repairs will be borne by the opposite insurance as well, and can also be assigned.
  • A lawyer being familiar with traffic law (if you don’t know a lawyer specialized in traffic law ask your expert. He can definitely tell you a specialist) who claims your interests to the opposite insurance and if necessary also collects up to the last cent. In case of a non-caused accident the opposite third party insurance pays the fees of your lawyer as well.


  • The expert’s qualification and his independency are guarantees for correct expert opinions. Chose a qualified and independent expert at any rate!


  • Collect all documents concerning the costs of the accident: all invoices, receipts of authorities (e.g. vehicle registration office) and other costs, proofs (e.g. rests of vignettes in case of destruction of the windscreen). Record (pictures!) all damages to clothes, carried along and damaged items in the vehicle etc. or let them document directly by your expert when viewing the vehicle.