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Ingenieurbüro Redivo

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  • The consulting engineers G. Redivo & Partners based in D-76870 Kandel(Rhineland-Palatinate) near Wörth/River Rhine was set up in December 1992
  • Founder and owner of the company is the acknowledged expert, graduate engineer and master mechanic Gino Redivo
  • At present five employees are employed at the Kandel location.
  • In the course of time collaborations with five offices of experts were formed in the greater area of Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne and Karlsruhe in Germany. The first business connection with the office P. Voß was established in 1995 and has existed for 14 years by now. The collaborations have proved to be extremely constructive as they have brought a regional advantage beyond a specialised enrichment in areas of expertise.
  • At this the central acceptance of order takes place at consulting engineers G. Redivo & Partners in Kandel (Rhineland-Palatine)


  • Activities of expert (consulting engineers)


  • Practical knowledge, basic knowledge plus academic knowledge as well as an 18-year professional experience and a 16-year self-employment as an acknowledged expert now.
  • Consolidated practical knowledge by professional training (master craftsmans diploma)
  • Consolidated theoretical knowledge by study of Mechanical Engineering / Vehicle Manufacturing (degree) (Diplom)
  • Professional experience for many years by activities of expert at home and abroad (Europe)
  • Permanent education by training etc.
  • Wide experiences in fields of: investigation of damage and appraisal report, conservation of evidence certificate, risk appraisal as well as valuations of all kinds concerning leasing and financing issues and much more.
  • Competence by a grown network with partner offices and other offices and other engineers as well as long ranged contacts with market experts (insider)
  • and last but not least by a qualified and experienced staff.


  • Motor and commerical vehicles, special vehicles,
    agricultural and forestry vehicles
  • Boats, yachts
  • Machines and production facilities in metal, and plastics, and timber industry
    Special machines
  • Construction equipment and construction industry
  • Agricultural and forestry machines
  • Food and beverage industry


  • Banks
  • Firms
  • Courts
  • Leasing Companies
  • Private Customers
  • Lawyers
  • Insurances